War Room Pandemic - Episode 842 (4/1/2021)

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Feb 16, 2021
Good evening Stephen! Saturday's episodes sound good. I think transhumanism is a good subject for Holy Saturday.

Responsibility, respect, and the basics history, correct math, English, science, and teaching children to think rather than tell them what to think go a long ways towards a balanced student. You have to always back up respect for other students and adults and not let them get away with not taking responsibility for their actions. We have many children in the world today that do not show or even understand the concept of respect and responsibility. I did like what Kim talked about concerning education. What is being taught in many public schools creates insecurity, division, and lack of confidence in themselves because they really do not have a strong base and don't even understand that fact which makes them easily influenced by outside factors. They are more likely to go along with groups, radical or not, and attack those who don't just to feel accepted. Insecurity tears down others to make themselves feel important. Our children are our future.

I like Doug Wardlow, novel concept... actually protect the people's rights... love it!

THANK YOU WAR ROOM! Thanking Steve, Raheem, Victor Villa, Kim Quatela, and Doug Warlow.
Thank you Stephen for your great work, for always being you. Take care of yourself, I love you, God bless you in all ways and always.........

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