War Room Pandemic - Episode 845 (4/2/2021)

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Hugh Jorgan

New Member
Mar 3, 2021
Bannon, Interrupting Interviewee: "Ho, ho, ho, ho, hol, hol, hol, hold, hold, hold, hold-on, hold-on, hold-on, hold-on, hold-on, hold-on. You just buried the lead. We want signal not noise, signal not noise." Love me some Steve Bannon but he's become worse than Sean Hannity when interviewing, CONSTANTLY interrupting mid sentence. I have to believe ALL his guests are briefed ahead of time because it appears they expect multiple, incredibly rude interruptions. Watching Bannon interview Dr. Navarro--an absolutely brilliant mind--he seems unfazed. However, as a viewer, I find the interruptions totally unnecessary and seemingly a way for Bannon to run train on the show regardless of his guest or the points they struggle to make.
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