War Room Pandemic - Episode 900 (4/26/2021)

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Feb 13, 2021
Rabbi Spero, I'm confused a bit because you pirated a quote from the Messiah speaking about 'rendering unto Cesar' at 11m 50s, but I never hear you acknowledge that He's the King. Why quote Christ and reject the rest of his words?


Active Member
Feb 16, 2021
I've been watching but forgot to say GOOD EVENING WAR ROOM, Good evening Stephen. I got part of this hour earlier this morning but wanted to see the whole hour and I'm glad I did. Thank you Rabbi Spero for pointing out the indoctrination of our little ones and praying for our children. The little innocent ones are always so 💕 near to my heart. Appreciate your prayers. Really thought this first hour was so worthwhile. Listened to the complete hour this time.

THANK YOU WAR ROOM. Thanking Steve, Raheem, Rabbi Spero, Rudy Giuliani, and Pastor Artur Pawlowski.
Thank you Stephen for the prayers, for your sincerity, for being you. Take care of Stephen, love you, God be with you always in all ways through all your endeavors...........
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