War Room Pandemic - Episode 905 (4/27/2021)

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Feb 16, 2021
GOOD EVENING WAR ROOM! Good evening Stephen! Better a tad late than never.....
Does Rachel Maddow know how ridiculous she sounds at this point in time. With the next to none turn out for everything Biden does, it's quite obvious no one thinks he's really the president. And you know them by their deeds, having said that, no legal president would feel the need to protect themselves with fences and troops. Anyone can look at our Capital now and know exactly what the current administration is about. The American public is not stupid. They know the Dems would have no reason to fight a legal election. Truth speaks for itself. Dr. Peter Navarro and Mike Lindell have the receipts.

I know it's very hard for the Angel Mom's to talk about their child's death. I truly respect them for speaking out and informing Americans of the sadness and pain illegals have brought to our country and they just touched on one problem, there are so many more. Thanking you Stephen for show casing Angel Moms and keeping them in the public eye. Everyone needs to know how people that don't care about your country (they broke the law to be here & don't mind taking your money) or your people cause immeasurable pain to many families.

THANK YOU WAR ROOM! This was a great hour. Thanking Steve, Cpt. Maureen Bannon, Peter Navarro, Tom Del Beccaro, Ben Bergquam, the Angel Moms, and Adam Brandon,
Thank you Stephen for shining your light brightly, for being a beautiful & caring you. Take care of yourself, I love you, may our Heavenly Father always shine his light through you and bless you always.........

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