War Room Pandemic - Episode 924 (5/5/2021)

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Active Member
Feb 3, 2021

Trust Busting the Aristocracy … (w/ Josh Hawley, Rudy Giuliani, Matthew S. DePerno)​

Bravo todays shows !!!!!Such great info and the mother's standing UP for their kids as Steve Bannon has shown us to do yeah! Bang bang bang-the info YOU Sir Bannon gives us helps us to live with HOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!Sorry to say my friend D ...has a new oppressing view of doom-too much Faceshit I know BUT the inner family and influences media etc are too much for the elderly and YOU protect us!!!!!!!!!!!!! I informed the wealthy about the money changes-you have given us sooo much and we are so very blessed to have you help us! God speed forward to you and Capt Bannon-liked her hair do today soft and pretty --looking great!!!!!! Also D asked about where da Wuhan flu bee comin from-if she watch War Room she not ask that!!!! Mike from Boron is real into it!!! And I try as many places as I can text your info-one was today ANNE B--longtime Mom and Dad 17 yr clients---I just try to pay back all the wonderful good YOU and CREW are doing ITS THE BEST SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thank you Lord!!!!!!!!!! vaccinating children is pure evil

Tim Fox

Active Member
Jan 20, 2021
Steve, when are you going to update us on the work of Liz Harris and volunteers who already canvassed Arizona to identify fake voters by knocking on doors. I hope that the 2020 Maricopa audit team are going to use all of the data that has been collected by Liz Harris and team so that they know where to go to get the most valuable data in the least amount of time. Please update the Deplorables.

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