War Room Pandemic - Episode 926 (5/6/2021)

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Active Member
Feb 2, 2021
"No more mask's"...the vaccine is experimental, I don't trust big pharma, WHY high school kids, and later younger children...you want receipts, Dr. Judy Mikovits, she has a lot of answers for the virus...we need voter ID, too many voter issues, cover-up, New Hampshire, Az., Georgia,Montana, Michigan, PA., and more, must show mistakes, Rottenburger dirty rotten rat...mocking the people, MSM needs to be held accountable for lies, CCP and WHO also...we want Law and Order, 2019-2020 highest rate of MURDER for police, targeted, 100 cops this year...antifa terrorist group, FBI???..."we the people" want voter integrity, VOTER ID, 40 STATES WANT IT!...Elise Stefanic, Lauren Boebert, Majorie Taylor Green, brave and true Patriotic Congresswomen, We the People NEED to defend America like President Trump showed us with MAGA! Unlike Liz Chenney, BETTER to have a Trump personality than NO personality, and illegitimate president china joe biden talkin about a "national day of prayer" without the name of God; would he and his regime prefer "devil", again, he's weak, lastly, thanks Mayor Rudy G, God bless patriot!!!

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