War Room Pandemic - Episode 954 (5/18/2021)

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Feb 13, 2021
alburquerque nm

We Are Citizens, Not Subjects … What They’re Hiding in Maricopa​

We have to be bold, we have to be relentlessly calling and writing the right people. Never give an inch, always pounding it. This is the fight 0f our country, the way of life we've ever known. There's no where else to go. If we start celebrating early we will surely lose. I believe at this moment these evil people have embarked on a mission they can't turn back from. At some point they will pay for their crimes, the ccp know if America gets back a solid leader and their plans to take over the world don't go through, he can be looking at losing his power. If there's one thing iv Learned from all this is whoever it may be that's attempting to destroy and kill Americans ccp, Iran north Korea, the drug cartels. Big Tech everything you could think of all care only about their power. I'm not a fear monger but I'm also not stupid. The evil left controlled by ccp and gates with soros will go to plan b or c and I'm sure all of it includes depopulation. Arizona audit and the eyes on Fauci are surely going to force them to do something to hide what their doing. Let's pray they don't use biological warfare more then they already have

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