War Room's obsession with liberals

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New Member
Jan 27, 2021
Hey Bannon
We know how the liberals think and feel about us. Looking at that CNN propaganda board behind you is so annoying.
Watching your clips of msnbc bloviating of their disgust of the right is nauseating.
Seeing the common sense conservatives views and ideas is satisfying enough.
Please reduce the left exposure on your show.


Senior Member
Jan 1, 2021
Disagree. Many liberals are mixed in beliefs. I am conservative on China and illegal aliens but lib on environment, labor issues, and civil rights. Most people don't fit a specific criteria in beliefs. These voters can be MAGA and go with a populist or nationalist candidate. Trump now has my support. I saw what he did. He tried to get wall up. He slapped tariffs on China. Big change, needed change. More Amers will wake up to media lies now. No $15 an hour. Money going to sanctuary cities who deport illegals inland. Bannon and Co. have all this correct. They are using conversion therapy in their toned down... entertainment WR.

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