WARNING: Vaccines are increasing internal damage …!

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Prayer is Power

News Flash: I am not in the medical field, but the Lord gives His own children common sense and much discernment. I said, weeks ago, that it doesn’t make any sense, to me, to stick more of this biological chemical agent inside the human body by way of an unapproved vaccine. It seems to me that this agent will, only, mutate itself and cause, even, more harm to the internal parts of the human body. Sure enough, today, on Warroom, Dr. Robert Malone, a physician/scientist and inventor of mRNA vaccine technology, is warning that the vaccines MUST be STOPPED because they are increasing the virus inside those who take the shot. Tomorrow, Biden is going to mandate that over 4 million federal employees take the vaccine. Time is up! 🇺🇸

Thread 'The Vaccine Causes The Virus To Be More Dangerous'
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