Was the Capitol Police Board Changed in 2019 or 2020?

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Jan 10, 2021
In tiptoeing through the internet today I ran across Bill S 130 (United States Capitol Police Act of 2019) which says in the description "To re-establish the United States protection agency for the United States Congress." The Bill further says: "There shall be the United States Capitol Police Board (henceforth the USCP Board) tasked with enacting and enforcing policies for the United States Capitol Police (henceforth USCP) and providing oversight over the Chief of the USCP." All of that I presume was already in place.

But this I think is the new part in this proposed bill, that they will add as members of the Board the Speaker of the House, the House majority and minority leaders, and the Senate majority and minority leaders. I believe the Congressional presence on the Board has been leaders of various committees.

I'm not accustomed to looking at federal legislation, but it appears to me as if S 130 never passed. I live in California and I am experienced in looking at CA state legislation and the shenanigans they pull here I believe people from normal states would have trouble believing. California legislators will do things like gut and amend where they start a bill through the process with innocuous changes, run it through one chamber's committees, the full chamber vote, then through the other chamber's committees and at the last minute before the final vote, they completely gut the bill and change it to a completely different action. They do then vote on it in the other full chamber but never through any of the committees and obviously, they don't give enough time for public inspection and input. They also move things from one bill to another and split up the real result of an action into two separate bills. One example is in one bill they made late registration possible up to and including the day of the election and in another bill they changed late registration voters from provisional ballots to regular ballots.

All of that just to explain my mind frame. Why was S 130 proposed in 2019? I'm betting there's legislation which was passed that incorporates some major changes to the Capitol Police Board and oversight, either in a different bill with a different name, or piecemeal in multiple long bills.

Nancy Pelosi was briefed in the days preceding of the growing threat of rioting (per Rick Grenell she may have sent one of her office people to the briefing). Was she also involved in the security decisions?

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