WATCH: Psaki BOMBS When Asked About "Kids in Cages" Hypocrisy

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Citizen X

Staff Member
Dec 2, 2019


She's just really, really bad at this...


Well-known Member
Feb 6, 2021
Southern GA
Finally the MSM and other Democrats no longer can agree and ignore the last 4 weeks of contradictions and a lot of complete lies without looking like fools themselves.
Unfortunately the msm will kept in line. The only way they will change is if they get less clicks and views.


Can you imagine having to get up each day in order to construct a dialogue of perpetual lies in order to serve your employer to make your living? Or to be prepared for questions from a Press Corp wanting explanations for the demented actions of your boss? Actions so abnormal your own personal experiences don’t provide you any answers or excuses?

Her information well is dry...or the policy changes are so drastic she is not even aware of them?

This pathological liar was pathetic when she lied for Barry Soetoro....and she hasn’t improved a bit.

I truly pity this woman’s existence....

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