WATCH: Suspicious Vehicle Trailed Ballot Dump Van Into Detroit…

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Active Member
Feb 7, 2021
Surely the Military have enough evidence to bring these evil Communist Demonrats down now. It was complete fraud. Come on you Generals, time to start earning the money you are paid, or did the Communists pay you more.
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Jan 18, 2021
Certainly the evidence is all present, but you have to look for the sites that are following the events. I believe the large majority of Americans have bought the media's lies. If you weren't looking for the fraud I doubt you would find it. Us older members are remembering the Cronkite era when the news was unbiased reporting, now I doubt you can get the truth from the mainstream media about any thing and I would include the weather, they have gotten so accustomed to lying that the truth is in them no longer.

Dip Stick

Senior Member
Jan 9, 2021
The FBI, DOJ, CIA and all of the 3 lettered #@₩€ may have been inside the van helping stack the ballots. Would that really surprise anyone?

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