We are at our most vulnerable state, sitting ducks, since Dec. 6, 1941. A derelict president, our guard down, distracted by WOKEISM

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Feb 11, 2021
The Promised Land -- USA
I feel almost afraid to say this publicly, but I know that the Chinese know it better than even the White House knows it. We have a derelict president. Face it, he doesn't know what day of the week it is. He does what he's told. They let him have his life-long dream, not out of compassion for the old man, but because the Leftist elite and ruling class of Washington wanted a derelict president, someone who could be manipulated, controlled, who would not balk at anything, but would almost robotically do as he has been told. I think he knows nothing about what is going on around him, but Mr. Xi Jeng Ping, I know is aware of it. Commander in chief asleep at the wheel, VP so drunk with the power she is about to inherit, as soon as he cannot even appear in public, as if he were appearing in public now! How long will they let this go on? Probably until the CCP has already put all of the pieces in place, just like Japan did in 1930's until Dec. 7, 1941. Then, they hit us with all they had, not only Pearl Harbor, but the Philippines, Guam, the Atolls, the Solomon's, and many other key islands and archipelagos in the Pacific.
The house has vacated the Capitol building due to some conspiracy about March 4th. Maybe they know something -- maybe they've put something in place to make it look as if White Supremacists have done it, which is what I think they did on Jan. 6th. What happened that day could not have happened if Nancy Pelosi and company didn't let it happen, so they could smear, not only President Trump, but every one of his supporters with a big fat broad brush stroke of White Hatred.
Hold on to your hats Patriots. They're about to unleash the unimaginable. They've tried to demoralized us. They've definitely confused us. Up is down, good is bad, bad is good, and everything white is hateful, dangerous, and bad.

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