We are at War

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New Member
Feb 20, 2021
We are actively under attack by multiple entities, both domestic and foreign. Our institutions are all corrupt. Trump passed on the insurrection act, probably the last thing that could’ve saved the country, and the free and fair voting system is over. Even if we take up all precinct committee positions as well as every other community position available, what’s the point if the elections are rigged from this point on? I agree with Maggie, I am PISSED. I’m angry that Our election wasn’t monitored closely, I angry that our entire government got away with it. I’m angry that the insurrection act wasn’t utilized.
I am ready for accountability. I want our elected officials to serve US again. I just don’t see it happening. I mean we are literally at war and our nation isn’t fighting for us. Ugh
Feb 27, 2021
Hey Gravitas, I completely agree. While I agree that Trump coulda/shoulda/woulda used the Insurrection Act, I suspect that by the time that was being discussed he knew that none of the levers of Federal power would have backed his play. And the reason why our government isn't fighting for us in this war is that they're the very ones against us!

I suspect that history may record this as the perfect almost-bloodless (RIP Ashli Babbitt) coup d'etat.
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