WE GOT SCAMMED! … John Durham Resigns – Effective February 28th — BEFORE Biden NEW A.G. TAKES OFFICE

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Senior Member
Feb 24, 2021
This resignation does not affect his position as special prosecutor in the Russian Collusion Delusion. He is continuing in that job.

Stop Being Delusional

Senior Member
Jan 8, 2021
Anyone truly surprised? Or shocked?

I can’t remember the last time I had either of those feelings.

The new AG is some anti White bolshevik. This will be fun to watch. 😒😞😩😫


Well-known Member
Jan 6, 2021
Thats because you put too much hope in these people. I'm not dissapointed, we had a 4 year repreive from HILLARY.
Stop trusting in man and trust in God.
If this world is not his kingdom and he would die for us, then let's not take stock in this place.
Take all the gifts you have (your relationships) your mothers and fathers,sons and daughters, friends, pets and people who bring you love.
Pray for those against you to turn from sin, for they will be judged and be sure to cherish those you love and protect.
None of us get out of this place alive.
But I for one plan on helping as many to avoid the second death.
Keep love in your heart.
And shut off the WIFI in your house, atleast while you sleep. It interferes with our brain patterns (think Kingsman the movie)

Durham may play his hand before he is done and release everything quietly.
Then it can get picked up by trumps team.
Who knows, but like i said.
Patience and preparation (GOD, Bible, Beans, bullets, bandaids).
We are all waiting to die, Id rather be i. Control than let them rule my heart.

God bless you all

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