What’s the Real Reason for Fort Pelosi ... ??

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I believe most conservatives, intuitively, know or, at the very least, suspect that COVID-19 is not a ‘virus’ at all. I felt from the very start that this had to be a bio-aerosol release from what we, now, know is ‘Fauci’s CCP lab’ in China. This chemical agent invaded (190) countries within two months, so it stands to reason that it was airborne. This satanic and, I feel, purposeful release on all of us forced President Trump to shut down our booming economy and kill the job market; which would be the grand finale of the morbid Democratic agenda. Surely, they thought that this would remove Trump from office when our country collapsed. However, they didn’t consider the most significant fact; our Creator God is in control; not them! So, it stands to reason that the Capitol is, presently, under guard because we are, most likely, going to find out that Fauci, Pelosi, Schumer and the rest of their CCP demonic squadron were behind this attack. It was set upon the world to camouflage their real objective; removal of Donald J. Trump at any cost!

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