What happens to Trump after he leaves

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Jan 10, 2021
I have been giving some thought as to what will happen to President Trump once he leaves office. You know the left will not let him and his family just go back to their lives running businesses and making money. They will try to destroy him until he can have no voice. You know they are coming for him and probably those of us who supported him. Your thoughts?

Stop Being Delusional

Senior Member
Jan 8, 2021
I believe they will arrest, torture and kill him. And absolutely destroy his family. Biden will bring in communism, guaranteed. Every official in every country has been mentioning it by the way of “The great reset,” “you will own nothing, and be happy,” “build back better.” We will be in more wars for israel. We will be in full fledged lockdown permanently With constant mask wearing like cattle. They will take away your jobs, money, homes if you do not get the vaccine. Just full fledged bolshevik communism. It is coming, read the Kalergi plan. One world government, and no it won’t be run by your typical politicians those are just puppets, but the most powerful, richest people in the world. I believe there will be a civil war, there is one now just not with guns, but not in the sense of the last civil war but more of a third world gorilla warfare type. There will be no more Republican Party ever again. Democrats/socialists/communists will be the only party to always win. It will be a pelosi socialists type party verses a communist bernie type party. Everyone will be starving due to the collapse of money. Basically America will turn into a third world shithole worse than China. And if you are White, and I do not want to make this about race but the left is, then good luck to you. Biden stated the other day “either give up your whiteness or America,” something along those lines. Yes, America is dead unless people fight to keep Trump in.

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