What is Better a Duck or a Ferrari? Thoughts and musings....

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Jan 6, 2021
Wanted to talk about science, Man's contribution to the world and Gods creation.

It started in a CCP stolen technology disscussion, I was asked to have a faith based conversation else where as not to drag away from the information presented in the post.
So here we are.

God to me isn't some invisble man in the clouds, he is real and is like a parent to me. He forgives me when I make mistakes, he rebukes me when I don't correct myself, he takes my fears and gives me peace and hope.
He is my rock.
A relationship starts with asking him into your life, he gives you the free will to chose. You will never know the unconditional love of being a parent unless you become a parent.
We are created in Gods image, we have love because he loved us first.

When we ask him into our lives he reveals things about you, you start to see things and people differently. You find compassion in things you overlooked before and injustice sits hard in your heart.
It's no longer about you it's about how you can help others.
We are all sinners, sin meaning to miss the mark, meaning not one of us is perfect. We will all make mistakes, it's how we handle those mistakes that makes us better people.

When I talk with people who are judgemental or lost in things (money, fame, societal standing) I feel for them, they think they have it all but by living for this world they lose the most important thing which is love.
Not the love or lust for things but the emotional connection to God the creator and all the gifts that he placed in your life so you may grow.
The love of you cat, your dog, your wife, children, your buddies or gal pals. Each and every one of those relationships is meant for you to grow in your soul.
Sometimes it takes pain and suffering to understand compassion and forgiveness.
Forgiveness is for you, not the person you are forgiving. If you have a single speck of hatred in your heart you can not have love. God gives us forgiveness freely so we can forgive freely. Pure love, kindness understanding, nuturing is how we should treat one another.

Treat others the way you want to be treated. I am your best friend until you make me your best enemy. Fighting is the defense used when you are attacked, try to combat evil with prayer and understanding, fight with a sharp two edge tongue. The truth cuts to the bone. Don't fall prey to the emotional battles, continue straight and narrow dispel the myths and lies with the truth. We live in a world of lies and deception, don't buy the lies, use prayer and ask God for discernment from the mob rule narratives. This world is not what God created for us. Look around at nature look how decrepted it has become, deseased trees, asphalt, stack and pack cities, smog, acid rain.

I am intersted in your feelings on this world and God. How has the spirit of God affected your life.

In the darkness there is only light.
Be the light, be the reflection of God love and share it with everyone.

What is better a Duck or a Ferrari?

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