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Jazon Panther. Ph.D.

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Jan 13, 2021
Atlantis & the Endless Isles

A List of Possible Actions to Pursue to Bring America Back to Life.

1. SuperFund to Defend the Million Guardians and others caught in the Storm.

2. Investigations into Fraud and Criminal Gov't Acts. P.I.G. Parties (Public

Information Gathering) Citizens Review Boards to Report on all Gov't Agencies.

3. Publication of Investigations and Review in impartial Reports.

4. Boycott Big Tech. Establish a variety of means of networking and communication, including radio, printed leaflets, and emails. Boycott purchase of China Junk and from establishment venues.

5. New Parties. At least six parties shd be established. No single party, or even two can be trusted with the truth.

6. Be heard in State and Local Gov't. How can we win at the National level if we cannot be heard at the Local level where much of the corruption originates.

7. Impeach Traitors. Develop the power of recalling elected "Representatives" that do not represent their Districts and the People.

8. Learn Self-Defense. Do not rely on Law Enforcement. Be a force for good in your neighborhood. Resolve to get involved. Follow up oppression that you learn of.

9. Strive for Legitimacy in all Action and Agency. Do not donate to what you do not know to be a good cause. Get involved. If not good get uninvolved and spread the word.

10. Resistance. Resistance takes many forms. Mostly it means not going along with evil in any form. Resistance is both Active and Passive. Learn when each is called for.

11. Disengage from worthless activities. This means silly Protests, meaningless games, non-productive activity of any kind. Make your actions count.

12. Fix Voting. Demand in person voting. Voting shd be available as secret or public. I want everyone to know how I vote, then it cannot possibly be changed, but the option of secret/public shd be available because of past abuses.

13. Be Brave. Engage in Spiritual Combat. This means above all combat with evil people and institutions. Do not support and work to delegitimize them in any way you can.

14. Pray and Encourage.

15. Refuse to Accept Defeat. If God be for us — they are up against it!

General Remarks
: Beware of Spin and Media Wargs. We must develop new

communication networks. Never recognize a fraudulent Administration. Keep telling the Truth — Try to verify whatever you pass on. Oppose Abortion — Life for America means life for all. Decentralize Tech, News, Gov't, Power. We need to establish an Underground RailRoad for those fleeing oppression and terror. Many small groups are usually more effective than a few large ones. Symbolic actions are important. Blood and Treasure are important, but so is Intelligence and seizing the moment of opportunity. Remember what Jesus asked about the two Swords, and what Machiavelli said about the Prophet Armed! We need to develop code words and
spellnz that the censors do not recognize. This is a war on all fronts. Be vigilant, be
creative, be sensible, be jubilant for the Victory is the Lord's. Jazon.
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Jan 18, 2021
Deutsche Bank kicks Trump out... Seige Heil! Seige Heil her fuhrer biden! Ve divest from das kapitalist Trump.
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