What You Need To Know About ESSER And How It Will Corrupt Your Child

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New Member
Feb 9, 2021
I have looked everywhere but can not find the fb group Greg Cooper is talking about. Would love to be connected with what he knows about SEL. Thanks for whatever you can tell me.


Senior Member
Feb 7, 2021
No matter who's in charge of schools, there will be disagreements in curriculum the further it strays from the basic subjects for which schooling is, and has been teaching for 200 years and more. Back in the early 1800s subjects were fewer. The basics were the standard basic 3 Rs with some other stuff thrown in.
Over time it changed as more communication brought more people into the field and there were new ideas on how and what could / must be taught.
Communication is the key factor. The ability to present thoughts to a wider audience, a growing audience, gave to this likewise growth in communication.

It's the near drowning in information via communication which is the center of these issues, such as stolen elections. With not only an abundance of information today, the means to manipulate information has grown to bring us the current danger - a great danger to the survival of the human population. When the Social Emotional elements are manipulated to produce a desired outcome by certain people or groups, then danger exists when that outcome is for the wrong reason, such as the claim of Global Warming / Climate Change.

Global Warming / Climate Change are real effects of the natural processes and not by what has been claimed. By examining too closely, the wrong conclusion is reached. These weather cycles are just that - cycles. There are cycles upon cycles from many sources and trying to figure them out has not been done to any certainty to proceed with alarm as is this illegal Biden Regime is doing. Add in people like Bill Gates and his unsophisticated non-technical ideas, his poorly reasoned conclusions, and the results will only cause more harm to the World.

Social Emotional Learning may be worthwhile to know, but as with other types of additions to learning, it depends on what and how it is done.
Thus this Social Emotional Learning can be another means to manipulate the children, I guess, into a group think and not to challenge the status quo.

To the point of getting information from any school district - it must be freely available as there's no such thing as copyright protection worries in divulging what is being taught. That is a BS excuse ! Each school must present the entire curriculum before the teaching starts. Demand it please.

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