When the Wolves Have Full Control Over the Sheep

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Well-known Member
Jan 29, 2021
Portland, Oregon
I’m crazy, and have nightmares about sheep waking me up with their incessant BAAAAH-ing to protect them from hungry wolves, and I also have wolves waking me up, telling me to protect my sheep, because they they taste delicious. Why? Because they‘re crafty and have a plan.

When the gate is open at night, you’ve got to find the heard. Close the gate first, because the easiest theft would be to hide the sheep inside the manger, and lead the Shepard astray into the night.

Moral of the story is: keep your eyes on those you love, and don’t let them be deceived. If they have been deceived, fight the deception with the truth. It’s that easy. They will freak the hell out, but don’t listen, wait for the truth to seep in. And never give up on family and friends, because that is the standard we want.

That way, in 8 years when the Republican Party makes a major play to steal the election across 5 swing states using hundreds of million dollars and millions of illegally registered voters, you can say: AHA!

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