Where is Jack Maxey?

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Well-known Member
Jan 9, 2021
His twitter page says "Fmr host #WarRoomPandemic"

I personally enjoyed everything he had to say -- when Steve let him get a word in edgewise, that is...

Anyone know? I hope to see him back. Good man.


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New Member
Jan 25, 2021
Jack also hasn’t been tweeting since the 20th. Maybe he needed a break. Saw what was happening and is isolating himself building up strength? Idk, he was quite active on twitter though before this.
I noticed that also, have asked on a few threads & no answer, I really like him as part of the team. Not a word about him on WR either -strange


Well-known Member
Jan 9, 2021
I really like Jack and miss him on Warroom. It’s disconcerting that no one on the show has mentioned his absence. He is a sincere and intelligent man who had a very grounding presence there.
Well said. He was a grounding force and an antidote to all of Steve’s vitriol and Raheem’s parroting and transparent attempts at ingratiating himself.

Maxey was way too good for this s*** show.


Well-known Member
Jan 29, 2021
Portland, Oregon
Jack is off writing I imagine, Albert Broccoli meets Sam Adams Esq.? (Read:James bond has a tea party).

OR he’s chillin on the beach. Well deserved, but yes we are jonesing for some Jack Maxey poetic eloquence.

Alternatively, this isn’t a time for the war room to be eloquent or waxing poetic, which is a sad indicator of the times we face. And look at all the interviewees and topics. Things are happening faster than we can talk about them! Paradigm shift of the decade.... straight into Raheem and Posobiec’s laps.

Ftl, where is MIDGE OMG! We need those maga interviews! but they happened and now it’s not maga interviews, it’s something else.

As WR lovers, we love the co-hosts. They amplify the ‘signal’ as Steveroonie (pirate flag) calls it. Jack is signal... in an historical and literary sense. Steve would give a motto... what was it? I forget because it’s changed. The ‘signal not noise’ motto has been amping up... is ‘literary’ or historical noise? Is it because James Bond did not fight a gun battle in Vienna or on the moon? Damn, I loved those films. But maybe when you have four guests in one hour and more is happening than there is time to discuss, things get postponed.

But Jack’s eloquent would-be comments on DC looking like East Berlin, coupled with AOC promoting: lists, camps and brainwashing, would have been priceless, and, they ring in my proverbial ears like the liberty bell.

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