Who Is Running the Country Right Now?

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Senior Member
Feb 17, 2021
American midwest
No one "runs the country". We run it. The question is: Who is giving Biden orders? Who tells him what to say, what to sign? I assume it is Obama. But there are other possibilities. If reporters weren't such gutless punks, they would try to find the answer to this OBVIOUSLY IMPORTANT question.

I could see Obama planning this a long time ago. As the first black president, he didn't want to rock the boat. In fact, he bailed out the fat cat bankers. So he planted seeds and devised plans. He's a sneaky one. I was under the impression that the Obamas and Clintons hate each other, but who knows what kind of deal they might have made. There's also Nazi Pelosi.


Senior Member
Feb 17, 2021
American midwest
My sisters in health care have told me they doubt Biden can find the bathroom on this own.

They didn't mean it as a joke. Oh, I laugh at this stuff like everyone else. And will continue to do so. The laughter hides the grim reality. This is a man I have always despised, and I'm still not happy to see it. A human being, an old man, being used by others like a piece of furniture for their political purposes—for money and power. A puppet, a windup toy, a shell. And these Users think it's cute, clever, and funny. They think it's OK. But it's not OK. It's sick and wrong. It turns my stomach. Rudy G. asks often, "What happened to this country?" Is it the holocaust all over again? Treating people like objects?

Anyone have Democrat relatives? Maybe ask them if this was what they had in mind. If not, what exactly did they have in mind? Because it's their fault. Not mine.

You know. You know how we've been treated. You know what they say about us and what they've done to us. It certainly isn't new, is it? Punished for being on the right side.


anybody that would touch that ass would have to be sick. she is such a fake bitch, that laugh would make you want to choke her to death. there is no country that she will call on that would even take her serious, cause they know she is a phony.


Senior Member
Feb 7, 2021
Do people make a shell of reality from what they perceive?
Stepping back - reflecting - laughing at yourself - strip away the layers which protect you from what you fear - feel - sense - touch - live again
And on the next day, We do it all again, but with more wisdom - courage - determination - esteem - head held steady and true - elan


Well-known Member
Jan 10, 2021


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Senior Member
Jan 28, 2021
Who is going to stop this man? People ARE DYING.

Citizen DOJ

New Member
Feb 22, 2021
80mil to 66mil votes. 2010 census used. the border is open and they are keeping the children who will be 18 in 22 and 24 to vote democrat. that's why the border is wide open they send adults back!!!
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