Why are no Civil Rights groups suing over government skin color based financial programs?

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New Member
Mar 29, 2021
How is it Government can get away with giving financial aid based on skin color for example the Agricultural assistance for people of color but not for white farmers? Was it California that just opted to give people of color financial basic income but omitted white qualified individuals. Why are no civil rights groups suing over this blatant racisim?


Well-known Member
Feb 11, 2021
Houston, TX
Civil rights groups are all bs. Why are no constitutionalist groups suing?
If they try to use federal money for 'reparations' or to bail out blue states, I will sue them for due process violations.

My understanding of this reparation program is a small neighborhood somewhere in cali using their own money for this, so only someone from that group could sue. Maybe theyre all crazy but Im actually not against their experiment as a case study, itll become some proof that reparations dont work.

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