Why do not Conservatives have social media sites?

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Dec 25, 2020
I have no use for FACEBOOK, TWITTER, and INSTAGRAM; this is my choice. However, I do not judge those who use the aforesaid. What I find astounding is that Conservatives would commend its social media interchanges forenamed. Why will not wealthy Conservative and MAGA supporters who easily could afford to create Conservative counterparts to FACEBOOK, TWITTER, and INSTAGRAM? When will Conservatives/MAGA types realize that our side cannot fight the social media wars when our side expects to obtain its ammunition from the aforesaid social media enemies and depends upon the largesse of the leftists to allow the Conservatives to express its views!

Why are wealthy Conservatives so damn cheap not to buy known newspapers, most of them who are having fiscal problems. The wealthy Conservatives can afford to subsidize the newspapers, employ Conservative staff and editorial staff, and promote the Conservative views. For example AMAZON.com founder Jeff Bezos who is a multi-billionaire, purchased the Washington Post and turned it into a Leftist/anti-American device to promote his views. Since the Washington Post has cachet, the paper circulates nationally and internationally even amongst the imprudent Conservatives who buy it. Thus, why cannot some wealthy MAGA types buy a newspaper with cachet that circulates daily and is known nationally to promulgate Conservative views and support Conservative causes and Conservative politicians? To divagate for a moment, when I state conservative politicians I mean real Conservatives, not phonies like Paul Ryan; Mitch McConnel; Lindsey Graham; Lisa Murkowski; Ben Sasse; Mitt Romney, et al as well as blowhards like Newt Gingrich.

The past week where the invasion of the Capitol building occurred I opine the investigation, will conclude Antifa and or BLM agitators posing as MAGA supporters. However, since the Conservatives/MAGA had no media outlets to counter the mendacities from the Liberal newspapers and Leftist/Communist social media sites that libeled and slandered President Trump and the MAGA rally participants on Wednesday, January 6, 2021. Again, how does the Conservative/MAGA movement expect to prevail when our side depends upon the enemy for media access?

Finally, I am disgusted and outraged that YOUTUBE banned the great WAR ROOM broadcasts--what a coward business YOUTUBE is! I reiterate, where is the Conservative/MAGA twin to the Leftist YOUTUBE and why is there none to compete with YOUTUBE?

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