WIKIPEDIA trying to hose Mike Lindell…GRRR

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Lady Patriot

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Dec 30, 2020
“Wikipedia…Can Put Anything They Want Out There to Ruin My Identity” – Mike Lindell on Wikipedia’s Attempts to Trash His Good Name

Wikipedia and Google have the ability to destroy and sully a person’s reputation. Mike Lindell is the latest conservative under attack now.

Mike Lindell is the founder and CEO of My Pillow, a warrior and patriot for the truth, a warrior for Christianity and sobriety, and a warrior for President Trump. Lindell is therefore under attack. Ever since he supported President Trump he has been slandered and censored by Big Media and Big Tech.

THIS SHOULD MAKE EVERYONE'S BLOOD BOIL: if they can do it to him, THEY CAN DO IT TO ALL OF US when they decide to FOR ANY REASON....this is soooo many kinds of wrong!!!!

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