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Senior Member
Mar 1, 2021
Glad to see STeve willing to listen and learn this morning, far more hidden than we ever knew..

and the WHY of it Steve.

WE, the brethren, are all praying for you.

He who the SON sets free.....is FREE INDEED, INDEED !!! IN DEED !!

amen. lets hear it for HIS story........HIS whole story. It is NOT HISstory, UNTIL it is all told...TRUTH FULLY.

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Aubrey James

Well-known Member
Aug 14, 2021
"Glad to see Steve willing to listen and learn this morning"
I really appreciate Steve doing a 2 hour live show today. The early guest, author Larry Schweikart, gave a real solid interpretation of the first few Thanksgiving celebrations. And all the dynamics of why the Plymouth landings went on to success, The bottom up approach to government, accepting non-Puritans into council with equal standing, and a rejection of socialist ideas. You pulled your weight or suffered from your own indolence. This is the foundations of what America grew from. (PS They learned from Squanto that killing their neighbors was a bad idea.)

I am going to get his 1,000 page book. (Now a text book in home-schooling.) -------- Happy turkey day to all.
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