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New Member
Feb 11, 2021
Does anyone know where I can view Steve an Mike's discussion and viewing of Absolute Proof. Thank you very much?? I have seen the movie, but was not able to find the right the right location the night that aired. I would be so grateful. Another excellent movie on voter fraud and machines, is Kill Chain. Gets into the mechanics of these machines, with some professional hackers. It's fabulous. Lin Wood had recommended in a piece I saw on him. I just used google and found it free. Is a must view documentary.
Feb 5, 2021

Talk about,Right in your face...SanBernardino City has all these new 100,000+SF TILT UPS with a [STAR IN A CONCRETE CIRCLE]@ all their walls & buildings .All the powers to be just need a bucket of YELLOW &RED PAINT,There it will be right in our faces,Over night The [CCP] CHINESE COMMI PARTY...And yes this is the city that had the fake shooting... WWG1WGA...


SLEEPERCELL...O yes this picture was taken @ AMAZON WARE HOUSE...

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