wouldn't we like to know answers

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Senior Member
Feb 14, 2021
question's that roll through my mind

Nancy Pelosi - 1. where was the protection - for a million man protest
2. what is meaning of your statement -we must have a civil war
Patrick Leahy 1. what your definition route out the evil before the troops removed

AOC 1. you stated you knew 1week before the protest was going to be violent - a friend had warned you
who knew - what did you know -who did you warn
in my mind @ time ordered Trump was Commander In Chief - was that 10k troop deployment an ORDER if so who has the power to disobey rather over-rule the President

these questions need to be answered truthfully but they need asking

Are there any incidents from Inauguration Day - you hadn't seen yet - but think it needs to be asked
maybe we can help the investigation
lets hear your question Jan 20th was very puzzling to me - how about you
when we watch the video's we all see or hear something that stands out

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