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I have been an advocate for ‘we the people’ to have a legal defense fund in order to investigate criminal political activity across our nation. I had suggested that a portion of our tax dollars be set aside to fund this project idea. I know that would be a battle, unto itself, getting it passed through Congress. But listen, Mike Lindell has just announced that a fund is being setup, by him, for donations from the American people to hire teams of lawyers to do the research and prosecution of political wrongdoings and other crimes against our nation. Praise the Lord of Creation! 🇺🇸


Feb 13, 2021
Thank you for your post. Respectfully, it shouldn't take a man like Mike Lindell or American patriots to ante up the money to investigate crimes in politics. Glad for the project, but Americans should be able to trust law already on the books, and that enforcement of the law, investigation, indictment and prosecution of wrongdoers (Clinton, Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Brennan, Clapper, Lynch, Rosenstein, Biden, Holder, Obama) should be forthcoming, regardless of class or social stature. The system needs to be reformed.


You are, most certainly, correct. However, Satan is running rampant in the last days of his, worldly, kingdom; as was prophesied in the Bible. Most of our Supreme Court justices, along with all the three-letter agencies, have been compromised. But, God is faithful and He will bring us through all of this antichrist communist agenda that has infiltrated our country. God has, already, stepped in to turn things around. He brought in a top scientist/professor to help audit the 2020 election, who ‘just happened’ to use the 2010 census data in his classroom for a recent calculus lesson! The professor remembered a particular set of algorithm curves from his classroom census that were the ‘exact match’ used throughout our country to steal the 2020 presidential election! This is nothing other than Divine Intervention! Here is the video that reveals this blessing!
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