"WOW: Rep. Matt Gaetz Obliterates Fellow Congressmen For Using SPLC and ‘Cancel Culture’ to Attack Members of Our Military"(MUST WATCH VIDEO)

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Mar 5, 2021
Pilgrim & Foreigner

Rep. Matt Gaetz did not hold back as he blasted both Democrats and Republicans in the House Armed Services Committee for using cancel culture to attack members of our military.​

On Tuesday, the committee held a hearing about “extremism in the military” and what to do about any perceived “hate speech” or wrong think within the ranks.

Democrats have been feigning shock and concern over the fact that a large number of veterans and members of the military were in DC on January 6 — whether they were just attending Donald Trump’s speech or participated in the rowdy protest that followed. Some Republicans ceded ground by considering their ridiculous witch hunt.

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Feb 7, 2021
I've got to agree with him - "The Southern Poverty Law Center is a hate group"
Once a respected place of importance, they've sunk and to new lows.
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