You have got to see this!!

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Feb 12, 2021
Everybody NEEDS to see this... HOW DO WE STOP IT?? They are killing and now looking to starve us all!!


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Jan 9, 2021
This subject was brought to my attention several years ago and I became a dedicated sky watcher and researched the internet to find all the information I could on what was going on. I had a very good motive for this because, I must admit, I am an avid sunny day worshipper and chemtrails were getting in the way! :cool:

Along this time someone introduced me to Slim Spurling's Light-Life Tools. To those not familiar with Spurling, he developed tools made from 100% copper. The applications cover several categories from air pollution control, water and soil treatment, severe storm abatement, and others. A friend who owns a store was carrying some of the copper rings, etc. so I bought a couple. She said, point it at the clouds and in twelve minutes the clouds will evaporate. Yeah, right, I said.

Next day I sat on my porch and aimed the ring at the chemtrails and to my total amazement they began to evaporate! For anyone interested in learning more about Spurlings work, type in Slim Spurling on Light Life Tools. They have an online store. The drawback is the products are pretty expensive due to the two-strand twisted copper wire he uses. Being too spendy for my wallet - I found by experiment that a single open ring 10 guage copper wire is just as effective and more benefit really because, even though they both travel 20 miles, the open ring radiates out as it travels where the closed rings travel in a straight line. So a 10 gauge copper wire 16 inches in diameter bent to form a circle with the ends bypassing each other by 3 inches, with 1 inch space inbetween them has the same result. More effective still if you hold a crystal with the copper. This really works to reduce the severity of storms, I kid you not! I also use a copper ring for water treatment. Copper is a must for protection against radiation, electronics, and electromagnetic pulses also.
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Jan 9, 2021
That has been their plan. Agenda 2021/2030. People have been warned, nobody listens.
I would say it's too late. There are already 175 U.S. patents for geoengineering and weather control technologies that are officially recognized to control or augment weather systems.
They now manipulate the jet stream, create various weather systems and steer them right where they want them to go. From listening to the video they have advanced this type of technology at an alarming rate.
At this point, the only defense I can see is find something to help counteract. Chemtrails support the electromagnetic currents. Copper negates and repels electromagnetics. It's very powerful and made into various forms can counteract the weather. In the video we saw where lightning was following the path of the sprays.
During a lightening storm that was headed directly toward me I held a copper ring and crystal pointed at the sky and waited to see what happened. The lightening advanced but when it got within a certain range it "jumped" to the other mountain range. I have never had lightening hit close to me again since using this method. Copper rings have a 20 mile reach so can effectively reduce the impact of storms. I swear by this!


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